[Pre-Order] Wyvern Hotswap PCB
[Pre-Order] Wyvern Hotswap PCB
[Pre-Order] Wyvern Hotswap PCB
[Pre-Order] Wyvern Hotswap PCB

[Pre-Order] Wyvern Hotswap PCB

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Direct Replacement Hotswap PCBs for the Wyvern!

Multi-Layout Hotswap PCBs for the MysticWorks Wyvern Keyboard.


Material: 1.6mm FR4

Color: Black

Sockets: Kailh + Millmax

Firmware: QMK + Possible VIA or VIA equivalent support

Layout Support: 

Plate Support: Compatible with any existing Wyvern Plates with the exception of Split Space and 3 1u bottom row option. Plates sold with PCBs are fully compatible.

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MOQ: 70 Units

GB Cap: 95 Units

GB Duration: ~1 Month

Shipping Timeframe: 3-5 Months after GB close

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